Given that Utility Garments is private, solely owned company there are far fewer levels of Management for which costs must be covered. In addition, as a company interested in  growing, we recognize that there are many more choices for our customers today and that we must be competitive and of good value if we are to attract them.

In addition to this obvious fact, Utility Garments has also mastered the technique of  blending "Off-Shore" production with our own in house domestic production, thus allowing us to offer the most cost effective pricing available. This allows Utility to ship merchandise into the U.S.A without any duty / quota since we fall under NAFTA.

Under this production method the approved fabric is developed, sampled and produced in an off shore mill. The bulk of the fabric is then sent to the approved off shore factory and a final prototype is made for this customer before import production begins. While this is being done, the balance of the fabric is sent to our domestic factory for immediate domestic production.

Due to the longer lead times inherent with off-shore import production, Utility Garments always maintains domestic inventories and production as well, so as to be able to offer immediate delivery to our customers during the start-up and to respond to any inventory needs between import production runs.

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