We would like to take this moment to introduce Utility Garments Inc. which has been manufacturing uniforms and career apparel since 1935.

Utility Garments Inc. is a private company. It occupies 80,000 square feet in its own multi-level buildings, it employs 160 people. Cutting, manufacturing and shipping are on-site. Our factory is fully automated and all systems are integrated with a large computer center.

Our entire staff from the executives and managers to the service coordinators and our highly trained factory employees, are committed to provide our customers with the quality and service they rightfully deserve.

To ensure our clients remain a cut above the competition, Utility Garments Inc. has launched a "Total Responsibility Program" called T.R.P. T.R.P. has proven very successful and can solve any problem - from design, fabric selection, quality, delivery, in-stock service, made to measure, exclusive corporate catalogues, and direct contact with your purchasing department, franchise and/or corporate stores.

Other note-worthy services include an internet based computer management system which is fully integrated with all other departments including distribution, on-line computerized order entry, web-based ordering as well as catalogues and EDI capabilities.

Utility Garments Inc. has established its reputation as a leader in design, service, and quality but above all, honesty and reliability.

To be a leader in any industry is a monumental task. It has been and shall continue to be, our philosophy to achieve recognition as a firm that is reliable, innovative, and responsible to the needs of our customers.

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